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The IHC Dayton Daily is produced by the Bailey Business Group of Salem, Illinois. The publication serves to provide valuable information to convention attendees, with a new edition produced each of the three days of the convention. Approximately 5,000 copies are produced during the event and it is viewed by a large percentage of the convention’s guests.

Dear Advertiser,

This little newspaper shows the schedule of events for each day of the Dayton InterChurch Holiness Convention. It also has valuable information about schools, colleges, bookstores and many other businesses and institutions geared to helping churches, camps and individuals with needs that they may have. There are approximately 5,000 copies that go out each year during IHC, so your ad is seen by a very large percentage attending the InterChurch Holiness Convention. It is a great advertising tool and we hope you will get your ads in as quickly as possible.

Our deadline for ads will be April 12, 2019. This will include ALL Camera-Ready ads, and ads you would like for us to design. All ads will be handled by Country Pines Inc. and their experienced Graphics Design Artist, Edward Cook. There is a $10 charge for basic designs and more extensive designs are available at an hourly rate. It is important that we have information for in-house design as early as possible so as to allow for any changes which may need to be made and your final approval.

All camera-ready ads should be in a HIGH-RESOLUTION PDF format. (PLEASE look at your pdf before submitting it – if the letters look rough and jagged or the pictures look fuzzy before you send the pdf, they will look the same on your printed ad. If you can’t figure out how to make a HIGH-RESOLUTION PDF, give us a call at 812-247-3315 and we will try to assist.)

Files can be sent by different methods: (Note: If the file is very large, please send them as a zipped file) to:

  • Email
  • Upload to our ftp site by going to and choose File Submission – be sure to enter your ad size and your contact information in the message box at the time of submission, or, send an email with your information telling us which ad is yours.
  • Send us a CD with your file
  • Send us a VERY CLEAR printout of your ad, with CORRECT size specifications (only available for ads received by the April 12th.Please CC(carbon copy) all ad request and PDF documents Rachel Bailey at

Thank you for advertising in the Dayton Daily. Please do not hesitate to call Rachel with any questions or concerns.

Bailey Business Group: 618-315-7050

Questions about your ad can be directly addressed to Edward Cook at Country Pines: 812-247-3315

We look forward to working with you.



For more details about the IHC Dayton Daily, contact:
Rachel Bailey, Bailey Business Group